Martine Claessens


Interior designer Martine Claessens graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, where she obtained her degree in Fashion Design. The opportunity to work and live in Italy for several years has given her a certain"flair for the beauty of living" - a trademark of all her interior designs.

In 2006 she moved towards specialized interior design, primarily in high-end residential projects. Her style is that of a home couturier, combining refinement, effortless artistry, superb craftsmanship and a minute attention to detail. As such, every element is thoughtfully chosen to create a sense of comfort, elegance and warmth. The result is a natural, visual harmony and luxurious ambiance, which reveal Martine's love for textiles and pattern, for light and color, for art and vintage objects. In all her projects, particularly in her use of color, can be seen the interplay of the two areas which has most influenced her artistic taste: the greyish  light of Flanders, where she was born, artistically blended with the warm tones of Italy, where she spent six years of her professional life.

Martine may be consulted for color scheme advice, conceptualized home design or full scale design service. Every project she conducts is a true collaboration with the client, a reflection of the customer's personality and perfectly tailored in accordance with his or her tastes, needs and lifestyle.

Beyond providing consulting services, Martine is always willing to work with you in variety of scenarios:                    - Get inspired by her energy during a workshop.                                                                                                          - Follow a course on interior designing.                                                                                                                      - If you are designing your own project for your dream house and feel that you could use some coaching                from an expert to guide you through the first steps of your project.

Martine would love to share her wisdom on designing with you.










Bucharest - Romania