Get Inspired, and with Confidence create your Dream Home.

Whether you are preparing to decorate your home or you are planning a remodeling or renovation project, some professional advice can always be helpful. What can be better than an interior design coaching program to guide you through the procedure?

Every project is as different as the individuals who embarked on the project.  Explore the options in creating the project you desire. Start with a discussion of your thoughts and ideas and periodic meetings to guide you along until your desired design is completed.

At the beginning you will be asked to answer questions in a questionnaire that will guide you to your dream. Your answers will enable you to think of the details regarding what is required for the completion of your project.

·       The coaching will provide guidance to bring to reality the mental image of your dream home.

·       Guide you through the time frame that you have set for your project.

·       Provide tips and tricks to convert your house to your dream home.

·       Give you the confidence that is required for such project.

What is really your style? Can you define it or are you influenced by the trends in magazines. How can we make the most of each room? Some intuitive exercises will define your style and your colors.

Every room is different; each has a different purpose and should be defined accordingly. How can we make the most out of each room?

The most important is a plan. This includes a floor plan, a plan defining the budget, what should be done and when, and procedure for ordering supplies.


  • you feel stuck and could use some professional advice: 1 hour - 100 euro

  • you want to start your interior project but have no idea how to start, a quick introduction can help you : 1 hour - 100 euro

  • you finished decorating your home but you feel some accessories could make the room stand out more. Lets go shopping: 1 hour - 100 euro

  • more to discuss: lets take our time and meet half a day: 250 euro

  • full day option: starting with discovering your color and personal style - making floor plan and mood board - discuss time sequence - discuss budget: 500 euro

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