Creative Tuesdays in September

Welcome back from the holidays and more in the mood for something more creative than going into the office. The creative Tuesdays will help you to transition smoothly from summer into autumn.

Creative Tuesday in September

The first Tuesday of September will be to discover more about Romanian traditions. Learn about the symbols we see on houses in Bucovina.

The countryside houses will inspire you to make a traditional inspired interior, color harmony, and designing a floor plan.

creative Tuesdays in September

Let Matisse inspire you as he was inspired by Romanian traditions.

Let us design our own wallpaper, play with colors, and get inspired for a colorful Bohemian interior. We will mix it all up.

creative Tuesdays in September

Who am I ? What is my color? Am I a romantic at heart or more a minimalist?

Discovering your personal style should be fun.

On a creative Tuesday, discover who you are with some fun and intuitive exercises.  Make mood boards and color harmonies. You will be surprised how much you have learned about yourself.

Creative Tuesday in September

Nothing is more relaxing than creating something with your hands. Just a few knots and you will be able to make some amazing macrame pieces. Something from your childhood? Let’s try it again. I can assure you it is addictive once you start. And those candle holders are right in time for the longer evenings that will appear soon.


4 weeks of creativity to get inspired for the long winter evenings. Each Tuesday in the month of September, starting on the 3rd of September

From 17.30 to 20.30, and we will finish in style with a glass of wine on the roof terrace. Yes, summer is still here!

03.09 - Romanian Traditions

10.09 - Let Matisse inspire you

17.09 - Who am I

24.09 - Macrame


Cultural Space at the Embassy of Lebanon

Strada Aleksandr Puskin 11 - Bucharest - sector 1




You are welcome to join us each Tuesday or just one of the workshops

Included are the materials to work with, a glass of wine and some snacks

PAYMENT is expected when making booking

For more information please contact me at: