7 Tips to give your Home a Luxurious Feeling

We all dream of having a luxurious house when we look in those interior design magazines. What makes it luxurious? What is it what we like when we stay in a beautiful hotel, or when we have dinner in that special restaurant? How it makes us dream or feel is what makes it luxurious. So lets think about it and see how we can create this feeling in our own home.

Declutter and organize the entrance

hallway via Studio  McGee  - organizer via  Almost Makes Perfect

hallway via Studio McGee - organizer via Almost Makes Perfect

Lets start with the room where we enter when we come home. Shoes all around and nowhere to sit to put the shoes on. We need a place to put the keys so we don’t start to stress before leaving the house because you can’t remember where you put them. First thing to do: organize and declutter. A well organized home is the first thing you need to feel good at home. Decluttering, did you already do it once? It gives a great feeling to get rid of those things which don’t bring you joy or have no use.

Once you have that done you will see that you can start thinking of how to decorate this space, a place we often forget about when decorating our home. Depending on the space you have you can put a small stool, a chair of longer bench and there are a lot of options on the market to organize your shoes. Add some art work or pictures to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Make your coffee table look as it comes out of a magazine

decorating with flowers via  Maison de Cinq  - decorating with carafes via  Hoate

decorating with flowers via Maison de Cinq - decorating with carafes via Hoate

What makes often a living room outstanding? The coffee table. Choosing the perfect coffee table is always challenging, it is one of the most difficult pieces to find for my interior decorating projects. Or they are to small, to big, not the right color or to expensive. A coffee table can be quite simple, a very good alternative is also a big upholstered pouf which gives a warm note to the room. And now take another look on the pictures you like in the magazine or on Pinterest. They have some nice books, which often is the support for a vase with beautiful flowers. Buy those flowers which are in season at the market on Saturday morning to create this wow effect without spending a big budget. Add a tray with some glasses and some beautiful carafes. Or a tray filled with different candle holders to create a warm and romantic ambiance in the evening.

Make that picture wall

picture walls via  Pinterest

picture walls via Pinterest

Don’t we all love those picture walls we see on Pinterest? What keeps you of having one in your home too. Where to make one? It can be the entrance room, coming home in the evening and find all those pictures with beautiful memories will make you feel at home at once. The staircase going up or that long wall behind the sofa in the living room can be a perfect spot. Or create that amazing dining corner by adding a nice collection of photographs. And why not in the bedroom. What do we use to make this amazing wall? Black and white pictures, different sizes all with a small black frame. The drawings of your kids is also a very good idea. Or a mixture, simply all the things you love and have laying around.

Set the table as a pro

decorating table with some simple flowers via  Elisabeth Heier  - napkins via  Instagram

decorating table with some simple flowers via Elisabeth Heier - napkins via Instagram

What makes it extra special when we go to a restaurant beside the good food and the people we enjoy our meal with? How they set the table. I’m not telling you now that your table should look like you will celebrate Christmas every evening but it are small things which make you enjoy your meal more. First is to have the whole family around the table to have dinner together. Put a simple table cloth and use fabric napkins. And don’t worry you don’t need to put them in the laundry each evening. You can have some colorful napkin rings so everybody will have his own napkin the next meal. Fabric napkins bring a much more luxurious feeling to the dining table and is much more economical on the long run. And much better for the environment. Depending on the season you can add some small tea light candles, or some small flowers. Now you think: to much work…. you want to create that luxurious feeling right? You will see once you create the habit you will do those small things without even thinking about it each evening.

In your bedroom: add textiles

bedroom via  Style Curator  - nightstand via  McGee and Co  - picture frames and candle  Zara Home

bedroom via Style Curator - nightstand via McGee and Co - picture frames and candle Zara Home

What gives us that special feeling when we come into a hotel room? Exactly: the amount of pillows on the bed. You can play with layers of different sizes to create volume. They can all be in the same fabric as your bedlinen and you finish with a more decorative one. At the end of the bed you can use a blanket. Wool will do great in winter, a heavy linen or printed cotton will give a more summer touch. Maybe take a look on your next travel and find a beautiful embroidered one, you will fill the room at the same time with nice holiday memories. Also the nightstand can look amazing with just a few things: first declutter. Do you also have all those books piling up? Keep it clean and add just a few things. What do you want to see when you wake up in the morning? That it should be. It can be a photograph of a loved one, some flowers.

Organize the kitchen

organized drawer via  Pure Wow  - pantry via

organized drawer via Pure Wow - pantry via

The kitchen is maybe the last room you think about when thinking of a luxurious house. But what is luxurious? When do we get that special feeling? How can we create that in the kitchen? Yes, when all is organized, has it special place, nice glas containers. It should be a joy to prepare a delicious meal which you will enjoy later at the beautiful decorated table. You see….. And there is for each budget a solution for finding those things which will make it easy to get organized. Drawer divisions, glas jars, just think about how your dream kitchen would look like so you can use it easy every day.

Add green in your bathroom

bath salt vis  Sisoo  - vanity tray via  Homeyohmy  - eucalyptus in shower via Astuces de  Grand-mere

bath salt vis Sisoo - vanity tray via Homeyohmy - eucalyptus in shower via Astuces de Grand-mere

Make the bathroom special, create that Spa effect by adding some candles, make your own bath salt, or scrub and add some essential oils. Use some greens in your shower and discover the advantages you can create in your home by decorating with plants. Also here, again, organize and declutter. You don’t need all those lipsticks which you never use, I’m sure you have a drawer filled with small samples, just throw them all out. Create a nice corner with your favorite beauty products. You can already imagine how you will feel in the morning when you wake up. Yes, luxurious.

So what to do to create that luxurious feeling

  • start with decluttering and organizing

  • think about what makes it luxurious for you

  • add flowers and plants, they will bring life in your home

  • memories, having your loved ones around, small things which make you feel happy

  • take a tray and make a nice arrangement for the living room

  • add textiles in the bedroom

  • create a Spa feeling in your bathroom

  • make every meal at home special

You see, this luxurious feeling at home can be created in every home. Enjoy creating it at your home!

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